On friday after-hours: http://www.stockwatch.com/News/Item.aspx?bid=Z-C%3aMJS-1978504&symbol=MJS&region=C

Very interesting: 10 institutions/private persons invested 35,5 mio Dollars in Majestic. This is a great sign of confidence. As insider Fan Zhong Kong bought 17,5 mio shares. Now he must have 79,55 mio shares of Majestic Gold. Fan Zhong Kong is the chief of Dahedong, the JV Partner of Majestic Gold, and so the mine operator on Majestic Gold Mupping mine. Furthermore he has a great marble business. Conclusion: WHEN someone knows how worthfull Majestic is, than Fan Zhong Kong as insider is the best address. He knows at best how much Gold is there, and with the HKSE listing the chinese will aggresively buy Majestic Gold shares  : -)