Some points:
1.) New margin Ventures invests 35,5 Mio$ at share price of 0,18$ (+ warrants 39,5Mio$ at share price of 0,2$). It’s a big sign of confidence in Majestic Gold. So Majestic will have cash over 80 Mio$ (5 Mio$ according last financial report). With 1 billion shares, Majestic  is worth, only per  cash (!), at 0,08$ per share (at present they are evaluated with 0,15$). So everybody could theoretically(!) buy this company with 150 Mio$. He gets back 80 Mio$ in cash, the mills roundabout 50 Mio$, the mine (equipment etc.) some millions and will get the 3 Mio oz resources (worth: roundabout 3 billion Dollars) nearly for free. I have to contact my bank : -)
2.) With new margin ventures we have now the Chinese government onboard! They promote , that they have invested  more than 1 billion $ in over 90 companies, with  28 from them they gone  IPO on domestic or foreign exchanges. Their mission is to support China's emerging entrepreneurs to build world-class companies. Let them  work it: -) New margin ventures is the first address in China. I’m sure, they will do what they say ! Homepage:
From their  Homepage: "Our domestic investors include Shanghai Alliance 
Investment Co. (investment arm of the Shanghai Municipal Government) and the 
China Foundation of Science & Technology for Development (a joint venture 
between the National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of 
Commerce, and Chinese Academy of Sciences). Our foreign investors include 
the Government of Singapore Investment Corporation, Kerry Group, K.Wah 
Group, SUNeVision, JAFCO, Motorola, Alcatel, and several family offices etc. 
We are the first venture capital management company in China that manages 
and advises both domestic and offshore funds. To date, we have invested more 
than US$1 billion in 90 companies. Of these, over 28 have gone public in 
domestic or international stock exchanges. We are very proud to be 
associated with such entrepreneurial success and our entire team is 
committed to the success of every investment.
With government onboard we will get the full production licence immediately, I’m sure. Also they will bring us in warp peed to:
3.) the HKSE.  On  there is a list of planned IPO’s with Majestic Gold. Here you can see the coming listings : . By going to HKSE we will see an significant increase in our share price. There are not many goldmines on HKSE, the common P/E ratio for goldmines is 13,5 and even very low for this exchange. Majestics estimated P/E ratio 2013 is roundabout at 1 ! . Crazy isn’t it?  The Chinese people also are all crazy for gold. They will buy our MJS aggressively, no doubt for me.
4.) With part of the 80 Mio$ cash, I think, Majestic will probably construct another (6000tpd(?) approximately again 40 Mio$, start of construction this year?) mill. In march they published considerations in a fact sheet on their homepage. This would boost the projected 144kOz to at least 250kOz per year. Thats not crazy, but would be well invested money! 
5.) The resources have still big upside potential according to Rod Husband (CEO)
6.) These are only a few points for me and my conclusion: Majestic is one of the cheapest Juniors worldwide, but with world-class potential. The market will correct this extreme undervaluation at the latest by announcing the IPO on Hongkong stock exchange…