What am I missing here?  If you think you have a good explanation as to what is causing a sell off into the low single digits please enlighten me.  I'd still like to think that others that are closer to the story and paid much more for the shares are much more informed.  I thought I'd see them buying but do understand they can't keep buying shares everytime it falls.  I thought these guys are financing cause they have some major projects that they've already one to be funded, not that we're rolling the dice and expecting contracts after the infrastructure is built.  


This seems like pure panic sell as those that fear the financing isn't coming and getting out.  It also seems that some interpreted the last news release to say that they actually plan on doing an equity raise below $.01 or $.10 after the roll back (which really isn't the case).  How could these company be near $.20 with no Egypt or SA deals and no EPay...and now trade at a fraction of that just as they are turning the corner.  Just micro credit alone is enough to catapult this stock....Egypt, SA?


i want these !!!!! umbers.  They sucked us all in on waiting for projections while they unload all the bad news first.  Maybe it will be a smart move in the end.  We'll see.