Now is time for some facts.  


I just received (yesterday) my VIF form.


This is how i am voting

01 Chris Hogg (onk onk) I will withhold

04 Nabil Bader (bad boy) I will withhold

02 Michael Pesner - I will vote withhold


The others, although not all that bright, I will vote FOR


Appointment of Auditors - For

Stock Option Plan - Against (these idiots are alread well paid

Share Consolidation - For

Shares for debt - For


Now birch1, how about that.  I am an active Mint investor as you can now appreciate


Of all the posters on this board I think that I sort of understand what is happening with Mint.  I continue to accumulate but none of my 0.04$ were filled today so I will up my bid tomorrow.


I will take the gamble on Mint and advise any new investor to invest only that amount they are willing to possibly lose.  The reward could be great so it is an interesting balance at the moment.   Anything under 0.06$ is a buy and a steal in my opinion.


This play at the current price gives an interesting risk/reward scenario.  


Thanks to all the pumpers for not pumping.  We need facts.


Birch1, I will see you at the the "meeting" on june 27 2013 at 10:00 Toronto Time

130 Adelaide Street

Suite 700