Pumpers who are liars.


This is my honest opinion (and I don't have to create a lie for that).  When weighing the risk/reward options, Mint at this price is a good buy.  Pure and simple.  I have been purchasing at 0.04$ and 0.05$  


I know the risks and I play the game to win.  Pure and simple.  But I am not going to pretend that useless Nicole or just as usless Chris have me on their radar.  Actually, I don't want to be on their radar.  


But I see an opportunity to make money on this play.  In my opinion management is poor.  But in most outfits the management is poor.  Companies survive and do well even under poor management.  This company is well endowed will ineptness.  Yet in this haze I am hunting an opportunity.  I don't have to lie to the board or pump with useless facts and meaningless statistics.


With the current risk/reward profile of Mint I am betting that I would make money.