I am totally happy to hear the truth you know.  Lets let it all out.  However, I think you just spewed and ran away.  Run away....make a statement... Run away.  Just tell us the truth and back it up with evidence.  That is all I want leading up to the AGM.  You can't come here with such difinitives and then not back it up with real evidence.  I will dedicate my weekend, sporatically looking for the truths that you expound and will wait.  Specifics on what you know that we don't that you believe are there ready for one of us to launch a lawsuit against MIT for losses.  If it is the case and you know what you know, then I am with you and will join you in your lawsuit and perhaps everyone else on this board will too.  You raised it, you want help with this, then, we are all here and ready to go on the truth you know.  I am totally ready.