I hate seeing anyone (with the exception of a few) lose money on a stock that they had such high hopes for.  I believe the share price is a reflection of managements ability... or should I say inability... to fulfill promises. Daytrader claims that new companies are "flocking" to Mint... but if that were the case, this selling would not be occurring. Huge unaccounted losses, failure to sign up new contracts in commercial sectors, giving up profits through partnerships and JVs, and announcing a 10:1 RS before realizing increased revenues are part of the reasons for the decline, imo. Management misleading shareholders is another; such as, announcing that they are on track for a 6 mil loss in 2012 when in fact they lost 12 mil didn't help not to mention their projection of positive 12 mil for 2013. Currently they are on track for 4.4 mil this year based on Q1 results.  Management needs to increase shareholder value through generating more revenue by signing up new contracts with businesses and and not by manipulating and taking advantage of shareholders. As I posted before... if this RS goes through without signicantly increased revs to support it...  the sp will tank after it's complete, imo.

IMO, Mint is doing it this way because of their shiaty attitude towards shareholders and their greediness in lining their own pockets. Hogg and Bader et al... are making money while the shareholders are all losing.