So this is my last post for this company. I arm sorry to say that I have been selling my shares now for the last 2 weeks with the last major chunk today. This company should be sued by anyone left that has the time. I can now mention that much of the evidence needed for someone to take this company on in court has been filed.

I wish the other shareholders the best. I know some are thinking that this company MAY succeed but I would like to remind everyone here that there are still many trying to off load shares and I had a interesting call yesterday. Some who will benefit from the financing will be selling the shares given to them post consolidation until they are ALL GONE. Any shares that they receive in future dates will also be dissolved as soon as possible.

So when the terms have been released and IF THEY GET THE $40 MILLION pay close attention to the shares given out and options as with the warrants. This will be the head wind for the company's Share Price for some  unknown time in the future.