birch1 this is my real take on Mint.  My last few posts was because of my disdain for Ark88.  I want him to worry himself to ill health because of his pumping stupidity.


It will be too late for anyone to purchase tomorrow as the news should hit the wire before trading begins.  So I share my thoughts with you.


The MT is massaging the releases to gain maximum impact.  The 'team' is looking to get the SP in the 0.20$ range so that they can get their Stock Consolidation plan in place (future 1:7 projected split).


So there is going to be a Mint revival on Monday and no one is going to be able to purchase shares before the news.  I am hoping that it goes higher than my prediction so that I can get out play before the reverse split (sometime in the future). 


That is my thoughts.  Pumpers, rate this post as a "1" you donkeys.