At least releasing it after hours gives everybody time to accurate evaluating it, most of the company do this..

Numbers we have for 2012:


Q1 : revenu 937k    -- loss of 2400k

Q2 : revenu 959k    -- loss of 2188k

Q3 : revenu 15000k    -- loss of 1111k

MIT lose 5700k$ in the first 3 quarter

Q4 : revenu ???k    -- loss of ???k

i hope to see over 18k in revenu and to be have a loss under 500k for the last quarter. If this happen we could be positive in Q1 2013 (except for the 600k loss on speed remit that will be list in this quarter)

Anything better would be a nice surprise but under would be disapointing, but the way MIT is value right now, market gives already a worst case scenario to mit valuation IMO.