As I said before this company has much explaining to do. The financials from what I have heard are a little wacky. Lets see if I am right when the company releases them. The new director is a expert in the debt markets. I have heard he has been moving and changing how the company has been filing its quarterly's. I suspect this one will show some of that and the one after will show much more. 

Speaking to the reputation of the companies staff.....well ....they are not great. For all on this bullboard that say this company is going back to the $0.20 level in the year 2013..ha ha. It would take a miracle. They could double the revenue and I bet it would move the stock 3-4 pennies only. The overhang is large and the need to raise money to fill the ever need to plug the holes continues with no end in site. 

I had a chat with a large firm over the weekend and this company came up. He had said that he asked how much they where thinking of raising and the answer he received was as much as possible, He also said that when he had asked for the companies plan for repayment it was sketchy at best. Now we have the debentures trading.....what a joke.

Bottom line is that this company really only has 15 months to rapidly show major improvements or the follow through capital will pull out then this company will be in big big trouble.