Looks like we're going to be stuck below the .10 mark until the equity offering is off the table or the projections are released....which will happen before the AGM.  If financials are bad, which I expect they won't be great considering not all new revenue streams are on board they could use the projection release to keep the SP up.  I don't see a situation driving the SP much lower than where it is now but you never know.  The post rollback could see this fall lower or higher if there are a few instittiona that want a small stake, obviously none want a big stake as it stands today.


i read that the Saudi deal won't cost Mint much since the all expenses will be covered until Mint can earn a profit...pretty good deal if you ask me, especially when you have no cash.  


Im just wondering why the prospectus had one investor willing to fund it all at 12% then pulled out, was it cause MInt refused to do the equity raise at these levels or was it a no go before that?  Why did Speed remit cancel the deal, we were told that Mint decided not to go ahead?  


Lots of real questions here that need answers.  If they close the debenture offerings I'm a happy camper.  Funding all debt with a company that has no equity says a lot, even at 25%.  Whover is funding the debt knows that the pipeline is full, but the execution is the greatest risk.  The projections better be realistic and conservative or she will be belly up by the first reset period(assuming nothing else changes).


Microfinance brings in a net spread of over 35%, and the conservative 40MM facility means that this could potentially offset all debt raised.  If MInt thinks they can reset at less than 3 x debt to EBITDA this implies that they think that EBIDTA can reach north of $20MM by then.  


Im in for the risk involved but the reward has to be there.  If millions of debt is pulled in I'm confident that between that and insider holdings this is a good risk/reward trade off.  If insiders like it so much they should pile more money in, it's that simple for me.  I'll wait to see what they do.  Hopefully the projections make this stock move to a newer higher floor than this SP.