If you're going to Monster (pump) a stock all the way down from .23 to .05 then continue to do it even though the company's activity is questionable... then you're only looking like a fool to all that have Twaned it.  And, btw, I've never shorted a stock... yet.  I hope, if things don't turn out the way you're hoping, Monster, that you're left with enough to at least buy jmb a pop.  He deserves at least that for putting up with your self serving pumps.  Oh... that reminds me... some self serving thieves broke into ATM systems all over the world today, including the middle east... I'm sure you've read about it already but here's a link to an article about it.

A gang of cybercriminals stole $45m (£29m) by hacking into a database of prepaid debit cards and draining cash machines around the world, US prosecutors say.

Seven people have been charged in New York over the heist, which allegedly stretched across 26 countries.

An eighth suspect is thought to have been murdered in April.

The network used fake cards to target banks in the United Arab Emirates and Oman, court documents said.