not much to say really.  Just waiting like all.  Am I worried....Nope.  but I did reach out to Twane and made a deal with him about what happens if MIT's halt wasn't to do with bankruptcy and that if it was, I would stay away from posting, not just on this board, but on all SH boards for 1 year.  I will honour that, but the deal that I offered was that if they aren't, then I don't want to see him post here, nor his aliases for at least a year as well.  Now, given the facts, that, he has more than one posting name, and I do not, I'm not sure that he can make that wager, nor, wants to because, he never responded to it.  Frankly I think he is a coward really.  Not willing to put up.  I am.  At some point, those with more than one posting names are going to get shut down from what I am told, so, even If I were to lose, I couldn't come back under another name and I am willing to live with Birch1.  So, what is it twane...are you willing to live with the proposal?  I am very serious on this one.  And, I will live by this for sure.  Are you willing to live by it?  You don't have much time.  Coward.