I'm sorry, you never answered me, so, I guess you aren't as smart as I thought you were.  You had me convinced thought and now, I think you have just run away.  Very disappointing.  You spent much time here trying to convince everyone we should be selling and, I did just because of you and your smart comments.  Now where does this leave me.  I'm very disappointed.  Do I need to buy back now?  Is this going higher or lower.  You convinced me and now you just left.  Is Outofstock comming back?  He was just as smart as you.  I hope so, in absence of your own wisdom, I would like to see what outofstock says.  sounds to me like you left me in the wind after you convinced me to sell.  Help please, I worship the ground you walk on and will be very lost if you don't come back and bequeath me your grand knowledge.  I bet you can help me with a retaining wall issue as well.  You are so smart.  You know everything.