I hear you. But there is one major flaw in the assumption that the company will make it happen this time. Show me the past where this has happened. We still have the same management which in the past said they had it all under control. Also Just look at the debt in total$$$. Please explain how this company can pay the interest and start to pay down the principal at the same time. Remember that the rates are SKY HIGH at a time in the economy when everyone else that has a viable business plan is getting 5% or lines of credit for 7%. The 25% should say something. If they can't double or more there revenue in 2 years we are all in big trouble. WHAT PERSON OR COMPANY WOULD LEND THIS COMPANY MORE MONEY IN 2 YEARS IF THEY HAVE NOT MASSIVELY INCREASED THERE REVENUE. I supposed if interest rates go down and the economy hits a new bottom then your right. However then would money be easier or harder for this company to raise.  What happens if interest rates go up 3 basis points by renewal. Please explain how they can pay the debt down or make the % payments. This company is living off credit or Debt in this case.