JMB, it figures they would down rate your post that refers to me.  They hate anyone who is right.  They tried to make me look like a fool back then and their trying to make me look like one now.  Only this time... proof is in the pudding.  And it just keeps getting worse.  There is more word of a civil war breaking out in egypt now than ever before.  They had all the opportunity they needed to rebuild into a successful and profitable state but hidden agenda has guided the muslim brotherhood's greedy little hands into depths of despair.  Whatever prudent reserves Egypt was trying operate with are pretty much out the window.  They've resorted to "kidnapping" (Qaddaf al-Dam and associates) for "ransom" in order to keep the state from total bankruptcy (and from what I understand they're not gonna be getting that 2B anymore... but the oil thing is still on and probably worth about that much) ; tension has mounted between Egypt and SA; opposition in Egypt has grown in numbers and political influence; unemployment is at a high, and inflation is through the roof.  This could very well be a civil war in the making.  And if a civil war breaks out and Egypts security measures are compromised then Israel will take rightful precautions and will likely go on the offensive. Consider Syria, Iran, Turkey, Libya, Tunisia, etal... and that, my fine feathered friends, would turn the middle east on it's side. 

So, you tell me... how easy is it gonna be for mint to raise money in this political climate and even if they do... getting an ROI becomes EXTREMELY HIGH RISK!!!  EXTREMELY!!!  This stock may get a bit of a spike but it won't be much and it won't be sustained. a decent return on this investment could take a very long time. jmo, of course.