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That's why I reduced my position... to put my mind at ease.  The U.S. and Israel are both very concerned about this situation.  I have read quite a bit about it from various sources online and elsewhere.  It has been suggested that the Military was already planning to overthrow the government but after bouazizi "elucidated"
how fed up people are with repression... civilians started taking a stand too.  This was ideal for the military... perfect timing.  The people, unkowingly, may have helped the military with their own (hidden) agenda. And now... the military has extended the reach of their powerful army to having full discretionary control.  Why would they do that if they were planning on handing power over to the new president elect? ME thinks this is why the U.S. and Israel are very concerned. They have reason to believe that the army will not let go of their control.  If that be the case... burlap sacs and sand will be the best investment in the middle east.

Once this situation is resolved in favor of the people.... I will return to the table to consider reinvesting.

But don't listen to me, do your own DD!