Thanks AOGEE for being one of the few posters yet to put me on ignore.  Anyway, as you may guess, I am accustomed to speaking to myself and on some occasions I answer myself.


but today I will answer your question.  The 0.27$ prediction did not come from me but I am repeating, like a parrot, what MLC told me was going to happen.  He carefully explained that he suspected that the SP would fall to 0.08$ (that was about a month ago) and within the following  4 weeks after the drop it would rebound to around 0.27$.


Guess he was a little incorrect on the 0.08$ prediction (but pretty close) and I am ready for the rebound.  At that point I am going to sell my position to birch1 if he is interested and I would be looking for a correction to around 0.19$ where I will repurchase my postion.