Twane,  I agree with you on egypt.  Everything that happens there is just going to be a big bonus.  Like you, I don't know what the ultimate return is, you don't, I don't, I just speculate differently than you.  Sometimes, you just need to put the foot in the door.  If it makes profit for egypt and mint, and makes things better, then, there will be more.  No one is getting my shares at this SP.  I just might get theirs.  LOL.  Twane, like your comments.  Don't mind negative stuff at all now, but your argument of a few posts back really didn't say anything that was of any relevance at all.  Left a big question and you didn't really make the leaping leap to prove your position.  There was really no finalization to that.  didn't connect the dots.  Good luck.  Listen, If i could get more shares cheaper, then I'll beat you to it.  Seriously.  I'll take them all before you can get them.  tight float.  Its all just speculation, but of course, I think we got somethin good.  You do too and I already know that.