justmebird... please post a reference that supports Mint's "stroke of genius" in planning the EJV  this way. Can you comment on the decision making process that mint engaged in when choosing a partner for this venture?  I was under the impression that the Egyptian government was the one who decided what companies will be involoved in this venture.  From what I understand, the Egyptian government felt that since ECARD's mandate is based on Article 4 Law 117/1976, it would be unconstitutional to allow a non-egyptian entity to govern the administration and operation of one of their ministries, especially when a company, such as ecard (est. 2004) was set up and mandated as a PBDAC subsidiary to perform such activity.  So, that said, and imo, Mint will never flourish as a result of the EJV (at least not directly).  Interesting enough, though... you've come up with your own line of reasoning behind this venture and I'm really curious to hear more about it.... I figure, you've already started digging... .what's a few more shovel fulls?