Yes, this scenario has been discussed a few times. UAEs core business is foreign remittance. What they 'lack' is the feeder side of the business (WPS) which they are starting to get into. This is where I believe Mint may become an unavoidable target for UAE. It's the same foreign workers/pool that Mint continues to put on their payroll system that companies like UAE rely upon for their foreign remittance business. This is why I keep harping on why it's so critical for Mint to get the remittance business acquired, up and running.


Once Mint's payroll numbers reach a critical mass (1-1.5 mil. say) it will become imperitive for UAE for their own survival to take out Mint. In essence, as Mint acquires more WPS and offers remittance services, the likelyhood of UAE and the like losing more core business increases.


Again, this is why Egypt for me is a distraction at this point in the growth story. Mint needs to continue focusing on UAE, Qatar, SA, gulf region growth and we may get a takeover offer a lot sooner than many would expect.