So now with a substantial agreement in place...  does this open up a few other scenarios?

I was looking into india, UAE, etc. and UAE exchange is probably the #1 competitor... though they don't seem to have much of a foothold (except money transfer in egypt).  Seems to be some ME investment interest.

Any likelihood UAE will make a play?  (i.e. Gain egypt foothold amplifying money transfer 'receiving' end of business in Egypt  ++ have some extra money to put into MIT's plug and play mold of making money)   Just seems to be a match made in heaven to me between the two companies.

Combined resources might fully leverage the kerala/india WPS opportunity.  I am sure MIT is a growing pain that is not going away in UAE's (ahem)

Now of course, this would stop the stock I am sure from reaching multiple dollars....  but I don't mind settling for a few hundred thousand gain on my shares and move on to the next winner.