Why someone or anyone for that matter will let go of their units at 0.095$.  I think that I will have to lobby PM Harper to enact some kind of legislation to restrict idiots from trading in the stock market.


Not that this price movement matters.  I am in for the long hall because I have absolutely no doubt that Mint will be North of 1$ in the not too distant future.  But this is my beef (and it does not pertain to Mint alone).  When novice traders, for the sheer thrill of "the chase", purchase stocks without the slightest clue relating to the purpose of any particular play.  Then sometimes they purchase and drive up the price of an unworthy play with lots of morons following a "momentum play" upwards and it is just a load of junk. 


And now, in the case of Mint, a precious jewel, these same idiots, without a clue, trade a valuable play downwards.  That is just my beef for today.


Everyone enjoy this long weekend.