Lesaintjules, if i am right,We are not waiting for  anymore  news regarding the NR on feb 6th, prospectus is withdraw, They decided to do so... We are waiting for news on the other kind of financing And on UEA debentures.

Do you guys realise That deal with Egypt is suppose to be signed on or Before feb 20th, this means from now till next wednesday !! Maybe we are 3 days away from this endless story being reality. If They do sign this i sûre hope they ll request an HALT!

best is coming faster then we think.... But i sure hope They CAN Get financing DONE Quick, its They only thing That bothers me right now, seems much more difficult than last year to Get some. MLC dont seems to send more fresh money into mit but RJ buying is a sign, theyve been to Dubaï, spécially at mint office, many more Times than i did! :)