Thanks Jules for your anglo post.


You make a very good point.  Let me tell you something about MIT.  They are never in a hurry to release NR.  From a base perspective it is a bad thing.  I view it positively as we all, as investors, know that Mint is not in the "fluff" NR thing.  But my friend, they love to miss their NR deadlines.


As insiders they know the entire plan and can see the entire picture.  We, the retail pups have to go with flow.  If we have faith we purchase more at these prices.  If we are on the fence we hold and wait.  If we are weak investors we submit asks @ 0.095$.


You know something Jules, I really can't stop laughing at those "enlightened souls" who are submitting such a 'discounted' ask.  They need to go!  We need to get rid of them.


I recent attended a workshop with Michael Lee Chin.  His Portland Holdings do some investing in privately owned corporations - know why MLC has a focus on privately held corporations?  They do not have the same minute-by-minute market 'pull' as do publicly traded investments.


Look at this.  MLC has in excess of 25.3MM units of Mint at an average price of 0.13$.  He seems rather calm and unlike the small retail investors, has his eye on the final purpose and goals of Mint.


Likewise, TD has approximately 29.4MM units of Mint, but listen to this, their average price is 0.17$.  


The problem with these recent price swings belong to the weak retail investors who are looking at Mint with one eye on greed and the next eye on fear.  But so be it.  In the next few months this will just be a  joke!


Take care