You are 100% right on the financing to get the remittance and micro Loan buisness up and running . This would complete the circle of operations and then should be able to role in a serious revenue stream and then add more and more payroll . That would be solid . However i not so sure that management has been putting that much effort or resources into the Eygpt deal . Afterall its been moving at a snails pace perhaps they are just " goin with the flo " in Eygpt  and it will happen when it happens . Do we really know how many people are at the Eygpt office and how much the company has committed to getting a deal signed .

LIke PHP says " like anything Mint " us retailers are really in the dark when it comes to the details . I am in total agreeance that concentration the rest of the buisness and payroll contracts must be kept at the for front at this point and Eygpt will be the icing on the cake whenever it comes together .  imo    Mac