Yes turn49.  There is a cause and effect protocol that rules the universe.  You are 100% correct.


Don't get me wrong.  I am long on Mint.  But here is the explanation.

Mint longs are waiting on a series of NR's that will give the market a compass that indicates where the stock is going.  Now, listen to this.  The NR's are not forthcoming (as yet) and this is making some longs a bit uncomfortable - this is the cause.


Now for the effect.  It is a know fact that I am greedy and love to take advantage of market fear (and I do not bash).  Why I do not bash?  Humans, by nature, are fearful and ready to run from anything at the drop of a pin.  No positive NR's will create uncertainty in the dark recesses in the minds of the weak.  By me dropping the bid will create a psychological paranoia that will make some people filth their pants and hit the sell button.  Wolla!  I get cheap shares.


Turn49, its all about market psychology.  You are correct - it is cause and effect.