You know what they say about hindsight...  having had a chance to look around, thankgod MIT.. whatever you want to call it... didn't close the SR deal.

Arab Link is very, very, young.  They provide an exchange service and nice network of growth contacts for MIT... whatever the deal hammered out should be fair, or slightly in MIT's favour.  (Big, big, win for Arab Link)  I wouldn't be surprised if MIT ends up owing some % of Arab Link very soon... in addition to the fee sharing.

With mastercard approval with Carta riding alongside MGP Mit has all the tech. they need....  so SR was only a matter of terminals and access points (way over priced) with funny frequent exchange client programs with a lot of clientele outside of MIT's target range... way overpriced.

Arab link is focused in their area, the area they want to be, and IMHO a much better exchange service that allows MIT to deliver this valuable service to there predominantly UAE portfolio.  I think they really only needed the exchange service and network for growth (more cards) so this is great.  CARTA relationship provides all the tech. they need...  I don't see any value at all in the SR tech. (if that's what you want to call it) that would have been bought in.