birch1 I am in total disagreement with you.  I am not going to justify the ill-manners of Chris Hogg and Nicole. I find them rather disrespectful and agree with arctan2x.


January 31st was the deadline for the guidance.  Okay, the have been some material changes because of the Speed Remit turnaround.  I understand and even endorse that change of heart.  I support Mint with that decision.  So common etiquette would DEMAND that we be given a new target date for that GUIDANCE.


Instead, the Hogg Man have left us guessing.  Nichole is out shopping and enjoying herself (what a waste of protoplasm).  She perhaps may be paid for doing nothing.  Fire her and save the money for something more beneficial for the shareholders.


The price fall to 0.10$ rests on the shoulders of a very poor PR machinery.  Fire every dealing with the PR and NRs'.  


However, like Pan I am forced to accept this delay.


But I am long but want the IR machinery to improve!