Hi MidgardlG


You made some very interesting points and I thank you for your thoughtful analysis of the situation.  We differ on a few projections:

  1. I do not see Egypt (if ever it is delivered) to be a 'cherry on the sundae'.  I view Egypt as an albatross sitting on a lump of dung.  Totally worthless to me.  So you surely can understand my relief when a JV was announced with Mint being the minority partner (49%).  Now I may be wrong with Egypt but I am very happy that Mint hedged their exposure.  You know what I mean - Morsi and all his religious radical beliefs etc
  2. I differ from you regarding you analysis of the Speed Remit deal.  The capital outlay for what I believed to be yesterdays methods and technology really had me very scared.  I was so scared about the Speed Remit deal that I froze in my stride and was unable to sell my stake (albeit at a profit).  I believe a revenue sharing deal with Arab Link is excellent for Mint at this time.  But I add and agree with you that after a year or two Mint may attempt to purchase the much more technology modern Arab Link or one of their correspondents (eg  iRemit, Xpress Money, EzRemit or Instant Cash).  I have little doubt that Mint got cold feet and saw a better opportunity (eventually) with Arab Remit.  As far as I can see its all good.

I thank you for your very thoughtful and analytical post.