Hey Midgard you make some good valid points . I've been buying Mint since April 2011 and yet to see a return> yes a bit frustrating for sure especially the way management handles the nr's . They've done an absolute terrible job with IR . However this is venture cap and it boils down to a gamble at this point especially after the loss of the 600k .They had to put out a piece of positive news about 44k payroll cards.  By rights that tanked deal should have tanked the sp . The question is why did some one ( RJ i believe ) buy up those that did sell ?

What we really need here is some good solid news wether its financials or contracts . That would bring the interest back into Mint form the market . We need something concrete no more fluff and no more buzzkill financing news reports after a positive peice of news . ( everybody knows what i'm talking about ) I beleive alot of us that have been here for a couple of years or more are really growing impatient . I dont need alot , just something solid , a light at the end of  the tunnel.         regards Mac