Mint has always been like hail mary and that's what I loved about them. They have always tried to jump to the next level even if it seemed a little early in the companies development, we saw that when they decided to form MGP, again when they bought ePay and then when they tried for Speed Remit, everything has been large and would add huge value for the end game. Signing an agreement to share in the profit of the remittance business provided from there card portfolio is not the same Mint style we've seen. Over the past couple years Mint has been building a completely inclusive product that is almost 100% owned and operated by them. There is very little enterprise value added in this latest agreement which is why I don't believe it was their first route of choice, but done out of necessity to keep the remittance business of their card porfolio from straying, perhaps until they can find an alternate solution. (Who knows, maybe they'll buy Arab Link in a year from now, because that would make more sense to me) 

Just to clarify, all the Mint divisions have changed names so many times in the last couple years, I probably listed the wrong one, my comment on the lack of access to capital was directed at the very slow roll out of the micro finance program, specifically when they couldn't come up with the $50 million (i think?) when it was first announced and now the slow trial program despite what seems to look like a profitable business.

My thoughts on losing cards goes like this,

In the MDanA issued May 30, 2012 they stated Cards Issued - 397,826  Billed - 277,913

In the MDandA issued Nov 29, 2012 they stated Cards Issued - 416,029 Billed - 245,980

Now although the total issued has increased, which is probably because the total under contract was 500k plus in May 2012, management has stopped providing that number in subsequent news releases so it is all just speculation but, the total billed has decreased which I think can only be attributed to a loss of an employee from their portfolio. By my math the thats down 30k as of Nov 2012 but we have signed 44k (i think in the last NR). Which keeps us around even. (+ or - 10k)

I like to see someone poke holes in my logic here, that's what this forum is for, right?

As for Egypt, I agree it is completely out of Mint's control at this point, but it would be a nice cherry on top of the sundae if it ever comes through.

I hope that came out somewhat logically,