Good point Pan.


I was doing some research on Arab Link and it seems to be more like a suite of services with include but is not limited to Western Union.  



Transfer you can trust

When money really matters it pays to use a money transfer company that cares about you and your money. We ensure your money moves safely and swiftly through a wide range of international money transfer and financial services tailored to meet the requirements of you or your business.

  • NEFT transfer to most banks in India
  • Telex, Wire and SWIFT transfers regionally and globally
  • Direct credit to bank account to the Philippines, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and more.
  • International fast cash remittances through leading providers such as iRemit, Xpress Money, EzRemit and Instant Cash

Western Union

We offer the Western Union money transfer service, which enables you to send money to over 300,000 locations covering over 200 countries globally.