meo I also share Pan's perspective.  Have been in this play for sometime.  True they are growing their verticals at a very rapid pace.  But the promise of a remittance agreement (in 30 days) is just a promise.  However I am certain that they will achieve this target.


It also is obvious that they purposely opted to walk away from the Speed Remit deal - thanks goodness that this was done in the 11th hour lest we be saddled with a 15$MM loan and an underperforming vertical.  Guess they had to do what they did.


I feel certain that the Speed Remit deal will be revisited but at a later date and at an infinitely lower price point (maybe more like 9$MM or less).  


I think that the new agree with the new system is a better deal and I am rather joyful that they found a partner for the Egypt deal (giving Mint a 49% exposure to the raving dog Morsi).  All I can say is that power corrupts and Morsi looks suspect.  Such people profess to love God but the really think that religion is god and get bent out of shape.  Such is life.  Let Morsi destroy the Egyptian economy.  Mint has bigger fish to fry in other regions.