As for Egypt, seems a big mess doesn't it.  Again.  We'll see, but I think they just might push this one through.  What bothers me is the news about one of Morsi's Aids that said the holocaust was a lie pretty much.  I'm not jewish, but, this type of rhetoric from my perspective is just so prehistoric...its just not funny.  I think at this point, I'd rather see him just go down and have another revolt.  This type of stuff is not to be tolerated and frankly, my investment comes secondary to extremely out of this world views.  If this is the government he wants to create, then the US should just stop all aid, no F-16's, just shut it down.  shut him down before he crystalizes what would probably be bad in the long run.  Still can't believe that people still can think this way, but it happens.  JMHO.  Investment second from this perspective.