The end game is why all us longs are holding , however  many of us have different perceptions of what may happen with Mint . ie  some believe this will be a buyout in the future , some say the sp will hit 5 bucks  and some will sell at .81 etc. This is the beauty of speculation and perhaps a bit of a high for some of us wondering what lies ahead . Management is very good at keeping us in the dark to the point of ticking alot of us off  but  you dont have to be a fortune teller  to know that the sp is'nt gonna stay here forever .

The article about the workers in UAE using smart cards is encouraging for sure but it also gives us a look at the fact there is competition out  there and its good that managment is making moves into other countries that will offset the effect of too much competition . Compared to LuLu exchange Mint seems to have alot more cards out there . It would be nice to see a breakdown of card issuers and the amount of cards they actually have activated .        Regards Mac