Chingachgoof you really don't have a clue about high financing.


Okay let me explain what really happened.


Mint made an offer for Speed Remit (and gave a deposit plus a posion pill if they did not purchase based on financing).


Do you think the reason of the forfeiture was based on their inability to raise the 15$MM?  This is what happened.  During the DD process this wonderful opportunity started to point in a different direction.  Then the light went on that mobile remit was the passport of the future.  They had a "choice" (or made it look as if they did not have a choice because..............................[fill in the blank].

The choice was either 15$MM for yesterday's remit platform or drop this thing like a hot potato.  The potato was dropped and a more advanced technology platform will soon be announced.


What is so difficult about that.


Notice how the NR stated (in a veiled manner that is was [will say no more]).  You are a smart man so figure it out!