Dont forget that since the acquisition of Epay, the revenue is growing fast, 1100% last quarter and add to that the acquisition of speed remit, Mint will have revenue of more than 100 millions soon enough, with the economy of scale they should start generating positive cash flow NOW or in the next quarter.

they are also involve in qatar with their card and this region is about to get big investment for the 2022 world cup so mint should have a couple hundred thousands more card in their hands.

+ Egypt deal should become reality soon in 2013,  i guess that it will happen when egypt get their 4.8 billions aid from internationnal monetery fund, which could be approve til the end of january. + a deal in saudi arabia is a possibility too.

well theres a lot of reason this things is about to explode, if you trust Chris hogg the CEO, he said in september that the return for investor could be in a range from 8x to 10x in the end of 2013 or 2014, the share price was then at 0.12$ so he is expecting the SP will rise to something around 1$ soon enough.

For my part, to many potential to pass this one away.