Well Arsenal , where do we start ? I've been a shareholder here for almost two years and I know quite a few posters on this bullboad that have been here as long or longer with various positions. I've accumulated here several times to the point where I've been a little uneasy about the size of my position compared to the rest of my portfolio .Then I step back and remind myself why  I'm invested in Mint > I could go on and on about all the pros and alot less time on the cons .

Pros : We have a very sucessful billionaire investor on board (Michael Lee Chin                                                      

Mint is really five companies in One ( Mint Mechant , Mint Money , Mint Global Processing  etc. check out the web site )

Mint is set up in a part of the world  that is flush with money ( Dubai for example )

The buisness model itself with the payroll cards is limitless not to mention the verticals

I'm sure theres lots of other posters on here that could talk your ear off about mint

Cons : It seems to be a very slow moving operation . Its hasnt been a big return on investment yet but I'm sure many here are prepared to wait .          Mac