Don't get so caught up in the headline numbers for Egypt, as impressive as they are. If you're interested in trading or profiting from a possible surge in the SP, then sure why not. If on the other hand, if you hold Mint for the big payday, then I for one would like to see us put this venture on th eback burner, at least until things are more stabile.


Most people generally underestimate the costs and liabilities in business. When you start with such a low margin as we may have in Egypt, everything else has to be just so much more perfect. Just look at the currency devaluation that the Egyptian Pound has undergone for instance. This alone could easily wipe out little profit that we may get which by the way could be few years down the road.


On another note, as I've posted previously, if the info to date about the amount raised for the Prospectus being very close, the closing will most likely be done in the new year. Suggesting that the money found is not private. Add to this the publically stated estimate of the closing date for the SpeedRemit purchase in mid Jan, all points to the Prospectus closing very soon. GLTA