Yes, useless on that front.  60 Million revenue plus and we get a christmas card.  She probably does good work, but a 60 million revenue company needs to ramp it up while they are closing on Speed Remit and Speed Remit is just blasting off as you can see in some of the NR's posted.  Time to start taking this seriously, not on implementation...which they are, but on promotion.  that's what we need.  At some point, more financing is needed and I would love to see it done at $1.00 rather than at $0.10.  That's where we should be, or somewhere in between.  Mint.  Stop signing christmas cards and lets sign contracts.  Speed Remit will factor in to forecasts in January as they said and it is only growing as we can see.  Remittance is a big business and will take Mint to the next level.  They just need someone better than Nicole to make that happen.  Doesn't even live in Canada.  Good night...All the best, I know I am right for sure on this.