Not that I really care about Egypt as much as I have for the last few weeks until the MD&A, seems Morsi, just backed down on sweeping powers he gave himself.  Frankly I thought he'd do good, but seems the Military had to step in and now he is changing his tune.  The referendum now on the constitution will/should fail because it is islamist dominated in terms of tone.  This has nothing to do now with Mint, as I have been watching this every day looking for news, I have learned much more and frankly, the Mint investment is secondary to what I would like to see for these people in the long run.  It is clear to me that fanaticals where now going to run the country again and that should not be tolerated.  It was just going to get bad if he did not back down, and frankly, if he was allowed to continue, then this country would be in bad shape.  I have to say, that whether he was jailed rightly or wrongly, I think the time in jail made him slightly mad and out for revenge and the brotherhood has shown their true colours.  Egypt does not need to be sent back to the dark ages.

Have a good night.