All the Speed Remit financial statements are in the prospectus.

For F2011 SpeedRemit Worldwide (DUBAI) had revenue of 7,000,000 AED, and turned a net profit of 918,000 AED  ($2M CAD and $248,000 CAD)

However in 2012 revenue took a dive.  From Jan 1 - Jun 30 Dubai showed revenue of  2.6M AED net profit of 360,000 AED

Speed Remit UK had revenue of 1.4M pounds and a net loss of 20,000 pounds ($2.2M CAD and $32,000 CAD)

UK  revenue took a steep dive in 2012 as well.  Jan 1 - Jun 30 revenues (UK) were only 256,000 pounds with a net loss of 340,000 pounds


Speed Remit spent the proverbial boat load of money on "administrative expenses" both in the UK and Dubai.  If Mint can trim that fat out of the P&L then things will look very good indeed.

If you want to take a closer look it starts at Exhibit K on page 322 in the prospectus.