Correct me if I am wrong, but after few news release read it just realize that the Q1 revenues could be HUGE ! 

The revenues of MEPS for the Q3 is $14,000,000 with only 1,211 active POS.... like this paragraph says, a further 1,550 POS will be deployed in December... Can we expect close to $30,000,00 revenues for the Q1 2013 for MEPS only ??? Let's hope operational cost will be lower...

"Mint Electronic Payment Systems ("MEPS"), the Corporation's mobile airtime top up subsidiary, is included in the Corporation's results from July 22, 2012. Revenue was derived from 1,211 active POS at September 30, 2012. A further 1,550 POS are being deployed to merchant locations during December 2012 bringing the total active number of POS as at December 31, 2012 to 2,761."

If we addition to that, Egypt deal... business activities in Qatar and Saudi Arabia and Speed Remit acquisition in January 2013 (with revenues in Q1).

Christmas will be all year long in 2013 :)

Have a good night ! HT