I would not be surprised if we see a NR about a JV between MINT and SADAD.


Our Objectives

  • Construction and operation of SADAD infrastructure ensuring robust integration, resilience and operation. Effective treatment of payments with high efficiency, traceability and professionalism.
  • Continuous improvement and expansion of SADAD payment system by developing in a flexible manner, the provision of new services.
  • Effective operation of SADAD payment system through delivery of high quality services in a cost effective manner.
  • Develop a future plan for SADAD payment system that promotes optimal use by the individual, commercial and governmental sectors.
  • Through continuous research, make use of the technological developments and world class initiatives to identify new opportunities to further enhance and develop SADAD payment system.
  • Development of a center of excellence for performing all tasks and the realization of SADAD’s objectives whilst being aware of the individual and their abilities to build an effective management structure.
  • Commitment to high standards for SADAD payment system in a manner supporting the integration, speed and efficiency in developing payment services.
  •  Careful and attentive risk management to ensure that all risks will be clearly identified and mitigated. This will ensure appropriate control of all risks that could negatively impact SADAD.