Mack, I agree with you.  Not selling.  Mark.  I read your posts, You are entitled to do what you do and say what you say.  Time has made me more docile perhaps here and many places as well.  Whatever.  I agree, Morsi is taking the wrong turn here.  Not good at all really and especially with only 25% of the initial vote.  Frankly, I think he is an idiot that things he's just going to control everything and probably plunge the country into civil war if his stance continues.  Frankly, regardless of my investment in Mint, I'd rather see proper democracy take place especially since many are waking up over there and its 75% of voters that might be realizing they never gave him the mandate to do what he might be considering doing.  If he keeps on, the army will be more than split to the other side and I think he might just go down.  He is stupid.  Too bad. 

So, where does this leave me?  Well, I will tell you.  I expect full disclosure on this in the MD&A that should be available by Friday from Mint and the real impact that they have not suggested.  Not much to ask really.  It will be totally interesting to see what they say in that.  I think we deserve the true answer, the one that we have never been really given....Political strife.  We all know its there.  Now, perhaps its time to pull focus on Egypt and get the rest of the plan in action.  I would really like to see this.  That all being said, I don't believe long term $0.07 is a bad SP to buy into unless you are flipping shares for the short term.  For me.  $0.02 or $0.01 doesn't matter if this plan gets pulled out ( not including egypt), we will see $5.00 in a number of years.  That's a great return for me and solidifies retirement for not so much money.  The MD&A will give us some good info.  I hope they spell it out.