Even if egypt flopped, I think MIT is a multi-bagger.

That said - not concerned about the recent news.  Quite honestly, I think the IMF... even the US... knew very well it was going to happen.  Sure they all have to throw up the 'o we are concerned about democracy' blah, blah, blah....  but I really doubt he would throw an unexpected curveball prior to the IMF loan signing.  I think many international partners are totally in on it (and privately agreeing with it).

Public is not going to be happy anyways with the austerity measures, and do you think the military wants to touch anything right now when securing the IMF funding and jumping through the global hoops is really the only way out of the dilemma?     I think as the past moves have been, there is a well played plan in motion that always makes a higher level of sense a few days later.

Just like a company with poison in the system, sometimes you have to flush it out and grab it by the **lls if your going to make any progress.