in the text it is mentionned :

"In regard to the short term period extending through 2013, the plan makes promises with regards to reducing unemployment stating, “the programme aims at providing 700,000 new job opportunities in the coming year” and that “in the agricultural field, 58 thousand jobs will be made available by June 2013” including “4217 jobs in the national initiative for land reclamation.”

In the August 14th news release:

Nabil Bader, President and CEO of Mint, said today, "I had an opportunity to meet with Dr. Mo'men yesterday and am pleased that we have been able to resume our discussions around this project now that the Egyptian government has had time to adjust to the new cabinet members. Mint is committed to assisting President Morsi and the Minister of Agriculture in not only creating 5,000 new jobs for the people of Egypt, but help to reduce the debt of Egypt's farmers, mechanize the farming industry and help to bring the Egyptian farmers into the technological era.

The question : "Does the 4217 jobs are the 5,000 jobs that the news release of Mint is referring to ?"

I think so... I think everything is almost in the right place now ! What do you think ??

Have a nice week ! Habstraders