AOGEE, I appreciate your feedback and it is well taken.  The ratings on stockhouse are a silent way to comment about what a poster has said.  In this case, when I'm trying to declare a peace treaty with mit investors... someone or someones rated the post as a one.  I saw that as a trouble maker trying to stir the pot and made a comment in regards to that.  That was it.  I thought it was interesting that someone would do that, especially in a post that's in support of the posters here and the stock.  I really did buy back in!  Why the fik would I buy back in and then post negatively about this play?  I post with realistic perspectives that obviously reflect my position in the companies I invest in.  It's rather obvious what's happening in the world today and for those that choose to ignore it and say it has nothing to do with our stock... then I question their motive.  I've been busy with researching the situation in the middle east and haven't had time to post a full explanation of my position in int but for the sake of transparency... I'l post my position quickly now... and then I'm back to more reading.  As you are probably aware... our global economic situation is changing by the minute... as is the tension in the middle east.  I suggest those who are real investors to keep tabs on it as it WILL affect our investment.